Sherry Hutson
Artist Statement 
     I’m fascinated by many subjects for my art, but tend toward Structures and Water. Sometimes I go off on a tangent, as with my current Self Portrait series. I'm drawn to Figures and I want to explore more there.
     In all cases, I love to push color to extremes. It’s a thrill for me to keep looking at a subject until I see a hint of color I can lean on.
     Realism may be a starting point in my work, but going rogue [in a good way] is very satisfying. Sometimes, when I’m looking back at my previous paintings, I notice a bit of “crazy” in there. It delights me and I want to push more of that in future pieces.
     I’m privileged to have studied with William Schneider, Elizabeth Mowry, Ann Von Ehr, Sally Strand, Kathleen Newman, Dale Evans, Casey Klahn, and Margaret Dyer.
     I believe I’m still coming into my own as a painter, and I’m as excited as you might be to see what happens.
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Thanks for your support.  Art Matters!
Sherry Hutson