Sherry Hutson

     In another life, I might have been a Stand Up Comedienne. Or a Major League Baseball Player. Or a famous Writer or Musician. But it turned out I was too shy and/or too female. 
     From the time I was very young, I loved to draw. No one told me what to do or how to do it, it just came naturally.  If there was a specific influence, it may have been that my Dad, a civil engineer, had a ‘side gig’ making architectural drawings for his buddies at local construction companies. Dad took his finished drawings down to Capitol Blue Print in Springfield, Illinois to have final blueprints made. When he brought the blueprints home and spread them out on the kitchen table it was a magical moment. They looked unlike anything else I’d ever seen, and the inky fragrance was out of this/my world.
     I drew stuff for fun all the time and I especially loved to draw portraits of my favorite baseball players who appeared on the covers of The Sporting News and other sports publications of the day.
     When it came time to go to college, I wanted to major in art but my folks preferred otherwise. So I continued my art pursuits in other ways. As it turned out, I was good at teaching, television and video production, and Internet technology, and had successful careers in all those areas. I also published a book containing daily news items about the 2008 presidential election, and wrote three art related books. Two of my books are now available on Amazon
     While I was still working, but about 5 years away from retirement, I thought it might be wise to do an Art Career Tryout. I chose Soft Pastels as my medium, purchased lots of art materials, attended workshops, and began to paint. Soon, I had enough pieces to try my hand at selling my art at local Art Fairs. What a thrill to share my art with others and make money too. 
     I’m privileged to have studied with William Schneider, Elizabeth Mowry, Ann Von Ehr, Sally Strand, Kathleen Newman, Dale Evans, Casey Klahn, and Margaret Dyer.
     Immediately after my retirement, many things took my attention besides art. But now, with those aspects of life squared away, I am back. 
     And once again, I’m thrilled to make art and share it with others. 

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Thank you for your time.  Art Matters!
Sherry Hutson