what's nude?

     I spent some time in the Life Drawing sessions at the iconic San Clemente Art Supply and Framing store in San Clemente, CA.   The owners retired a while ago, but they left quite a legacy. 
     The patrons were a mix of local and visiting artists, vacationers, and city residents. One could wander the aisles and browse all possible art supplies, beautiful hand crafted goods, and every kind of art paper and support imaginable. 
     In the back stood the counter for their legendary framing service. Nearby, one entered the door to the ‘classroom,’ where world-renowned artists held multiple day workshops, and a rotating cast of characters attended life drawing sessions once or twice a week.
     I’ll never forget the magic of that place. Thanks for everything SCART !!!​​​​​​​
Building sign for San Clemente Art Supply in San Clemente, CA
To view a few of my pieces from the Life Drawing sessions featuring nude models, please click below.